Continuing Students Missing In the 2017- 2018 Batch I Loan Allocation for SUA Students Receiving Loan From HESLB

To all students,

This is to inform you that students’ loans desk has received 2017/18 Quarter I loan allocations for SUA students receiving sponsorship from HESLB. The allocations concerned are already posted in the Students Loan Matters link within the Sokoine University of Agriculture website.

It should be noted that the continuing students’ loan allocations received from HESLB are for those student who passed July 2017 UE examinations.

Therefore if you are a beneficiary of students’ loan offered by HESLB and have passed JULY 2017 UE examinations but your name is not appearing in these allocations please contact the Sokoine University of Agriculture Students’ Loan Office (during working hours) for assistance.

Issued by;
Sokoine University Students Loan Desk
20th October 2017

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