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General Admission Requirements

Admission will be granted if a candidate meets the minimum requirements as shown in this section and under specific programmes or as determined by SENATE and in accordance with the capacities of the respective degree programmes.

The minimum requirements for admission of direct entrants into undergraduate degree programmes shall be TWO PRINCIPAL LEVEL PASSES (4.0 points of the current NECTA grading system) in the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) level save for as would be amended from time to time by Senate.

An equivalent candidate for undergraduate programmes shall be required to have a Diploma with a GPA of not less than 2.7 and a minimum of FOUR passes or THREE credits in relevant subjects in the certificate of Secondary School Education Examination (CSEE; O-level).

Candidates seeking admission through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) shall be required to have a valid RPL certificate obtained after passing an RPL examination relevant to the degree programme being applied for as recommended by senate.

Admission into SUA undergraduate degree programmes  under credit transfer system is conditional on:

Courses in university of origin being accredited by TCU and recognized by Veterinary Council of Tanzania (VCT) in the case of the BVM degree.

SUA having a credit transfer arrangement with the university from which the credits have to be transferred.

SUA having approved equivalency of subjects/modules/courses from which the credits originate.

Proof (through authenticated detailed transcript) of acquisition of credits for course prerequisite for the entry point. 

Direct candidates for  a diploma programme shall be required to have an A-level certificate with at least one principal pass  or two passes in ACSEE with minimum total TWO points   in one/two  subjects from among subjects prescribed as relevant to the diploma programme.

An equivalent candidate for a diploma programme will be required to have a relevant post-O-level certificate of at least Credit level and O-level certificate with at least FOUR passes or THREE credits in relevant subjects.

A candidate for certificate programme will be required to have an O-Level Certificate with at least THREE passes in relevant subjects.

Sokoine University of Agriculture Units Website Ranking Results | September 2017

University wide  Website Committee (UWC) of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in its 13th meeting held on 06th September 2017 approved the results of the ranking of University website for the College/School/Faculty/Department/Institute/Directorate and Centres for the third quarter (June - September 2017).

Congratulations to the following units for being the Winner (Top three).

1. Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL)

2. College of Agriculture (CoA)

3. College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism (CFWT)



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