Language Resource Centre (LRC)

The idea of establishing the Language Resource Centre (LRC) as a centre for language related services at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and the surrounding communities was conceived in 2014 by  the Department of Language Studies (formerly, Department of Social Sciences

The centre, which has been established through the support of SUA and the Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI) programme, is the hub of professionally designed face-to-face and online programmes to English language learners at SUA and the neighborhood.

English Language Resource Course's Learning facilities at SMC Campus

English Language Resource Course's Learning facilities at Solomon Mahlangu Campus

The focus of the programmes is to enable learners acquire the four language  skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing for their present and future academic and professional pursuits and prepare them to function effectively in actual professional, social, and day-to-day situations.

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For more information about Course and Programmes,visit Language Resource Centre (LRC) website

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