Ayubu Jacob Churi

Senior Lecturer

Ayubu.J. Churi is the Director of Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) of Sokoine University of Agriculture. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the field of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems.

He has worked on Decision Support System for Improved Strategic Farm-Level Decisions under Climate Change.


Courses and Teaching

INF 314 - Decision Support Systems (BSc. Informatics - 3rd Year)

INF 308 - Expert Systems (BSc. Informatics - 3rd Year)

DIT 0109 - Introduction to Computer Programming (Diploma in Information Technology 1st Year)

DIT 0217  - Introduction to Electronic Commerce (Diploma in Information Technology 1st Year)

INF 311 - Distributed Systems (BSc. Informatics 3rd year)

AEA 314 - Electronic Commerce (BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness 3rd Year)

Other courses

Introduction to Computing and Information Systems

Introduction to Information Management Systems 

Introduction to Information Technology and Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Management of Information Technology Projects

Advanced Software and Systems Engineering

Internet and Mobile Apps Development

Research Interest

My research interest is on developing information systems for different uses such as student records and financial information.

  1. Development of outgrowers master register system, which link the number of plots with owners at Kagera Misenyi District in Tanzania, Kagera, Tanzania.
  2. Development of common software of cane Outgrowers registration at Kilombero, Morogoro. Tanzania.
  3. Designing mobile based software application for pre-natal, neo-natal and post-natal mother and child care, Dar es Salaam.
Contact information

Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT)
Sokoine University of Agriculture
P.O. Box 3218


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