Charles J. Kilawe

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
Department of Ecosystems and Conservation
Summary information

My expertise is on land use intensification, forest landscape restoration, invasion & fire ecology, land evaluation, cilviculture, GIS & Remote Sensing. I have more than 5 years experience of conserving the Critically Endangered Electric Blue Electric Lygodactylus williamsi. I also have more than 10 years experience of establishing and re-surveying of long-term permanent plots in tropical and neotropical rain forests. I have a general interest in the multidisciplinary approach in research. I have published over 10 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals in the last three year



  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Geography, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 2017
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Forestry, Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), 2016
  3. Master of Science (MSc.) in Agriculture and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland (Finland), 2012
  4. Master of Science (MSc.) in European Forestry, BOKU University of Life Science ( Austria), 2011
  5. Master of Science (MSc.) in Forestry, Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania), 2010
  6. Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Forestry, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro Tanzania, 2007


  1. Socio-Environmental Analysis, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center ( Annapolis, U.S.A), 2018
  2. Livelihood Analysis, University of Bonn (Germany), 2013
  3. Management of Public Forests, Office Nationale des forêts (Le Puy-en Velay, France ), 2009
  4. Plant Ecology, Tropical Biological Conservation (Uganda), 2009
  5. Organic Agriculture, Makerere University (Uganda), 2006


  1. Land Use Intensification (special interest in Shifting Cultivation)
  2. Linking human activities and environmental change
  3. Matching trees to planting sites
  4. Restoration of degraded forests
  5. Conservation of Endangered Species (special interest in Dwarf Gecko, Lygodactylus williamsi)
  6. Management of Alien Invasive Plants
  7. Object-Based Image Classification
  8. Multivariate analysis of ecological communities
  9. A video documentary on biological invasions
  10. Development and Evaluation of Strategies and Action Plans


  1. As a Chairman to the Taskforce, I successfully participated in writing the National Guidelines for conducting Forestry and Beekeeping Research in Tanzania, 2019
  2. As a member of the task force, I participated in the preparation of the National Invasive Species Strategy and Action Plan (NISSAP) (2019-2029) of Tanzania, 2019
  3. As a member of Committee, I participated in the preparation of the Five Year (2016-2021)  Strategic Plan for the College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism
  4. As a project leader, I participated in the mapping of land-use and preparation of the Resource Zone Management Plan (2018-2023) for Enduimet Wildlife Conservation Area in 2018
  5. As a project leader, I championed the protection of Critically Endangered Lizard Species Lygodactylus williamsi and restoration of its habitat in Kimboza Forest Reserve, 2016-to date
  6. As a project coordinator, I championed and spearheaded the management of alien and invasive Prosopis juliflora in Tanzania.
  7. As a project leader, I participated in mapping the extents and drivers of  wildfires in Magamba  and Uluguru Nature Reserves in Tanzania, 2017-2019
  8. As a project member, I participated in the Terminal Evaluation of the Strategic plan II (2014 -2019) for the Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS), 2019
  9. As a project member, I participated in re-numeration of long-term plots established to study forest recovery following a disturbance in Amani Nature Reserve (Tanzania) and Blue Mountains (Jamaica), 2012-2020
Courses and Teaching

I teach courses on ecological restoration, fire ecology and land evaluation. I have also been involved in the teaching of forest ecology for an international program-Tropical Biological Association.


Research Interest

I have general interest in multidisciplinary approach in research.


Contact information

Department of Ecosystems and Conservation
​​​​​​​College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism
​​​​​​​Sokoine University of Agriculture
P.O. Box 3010, Chuo Kikuu,
Morogoro - Tanzania

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