Yonika Mathew Ngaga

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
Department of Forest and Environmental Economics
Summary information

Prof. Yonika M.Ngaga is the former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) of Sokoine University of Agriculture from 2014 to 2018. He holds a Ph.D. (Forest Economics and socio-economics) obtained from  Agricultural University of Norway in 1998.




Courses and Teaching

Environmental and natural resource economics, forest economics, consumption survey, forecasting, marketing, socio-economics and entrepreneurship in forestry especially establishment and management of small-scale forestry, in funding schemes, incentives, training and service provision, forest management planning and harvesting, tree planting assessment of land issues related to tree plantations, as well as in forest industry and marketing of forestry products; 


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  1. Moyo, Asia H, 2016. Economic Contribution of Mbomipa and Ngarambe-Tapika Wildlife Management Areas  to local communities’ livelihood. Msc dissertation (on going research) 



Research Interest
  • Economics of natural resources, environment, and socio-economics.
  • I have been a leader of more than 5 research projects and participant in more than 10 research projects. I have published more than 20 publications.
Research Projects
  1. Jens Friis Lund, Christian Lund, Christian Pilegaard Hansen, Henrik Meilby, Thorsten Treue, Michael Eilenberg, Yonika Mathew Ngaga, Gimbage Ernest Mbeyale, Santosh Rayamajhi, Bir Bahadur Khanal Chhetri and Ridish. K. Pokharel. Science and Power in Participatory Forestry. Funded by Danida, 01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017.
  1. Ngaga, Y. M., A. S. Rwamahe and M. C. S. Lalika. An exploratory research on Orchids for rural livelihoods and forest conservation in Nkasi district, Rukwa region, Tanzania. Funded by REPOA, 2009-2010.
  1. Kessy, J. F., Angelsen, A., Ngaga, Y. M., Lusambo, L. P., Kingazi, S. P., Nyamoga, G. Z., Lalika, M. C. S., Mombo, F. M., Meshack, C. and Lyimo, E. L.. Governance, Incentives and Monitoring in REDD. Research project Under Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) Programme.
  1. Lusambo, L. P., Kessy, J. F. Ngaga, Y. M., Kingazi, S. P., Nyamoga, G. Z., Lalika, M. C. S., Mombo, F. M., Lupala, J. M. and Midtgaard. F. Economic Evaluation of Incremental Biomass under PFM and Its Potential as a management Incentives Under REDD Initiatives in Tanzania. Research project Under Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM) Programme.



1. Ngaga, Y.M. and B. Solberg. 2007. Assessing the Suitability of Partial Equilibrium Modelling in Analyzing the Forest Sector of Developing Countries: Methodological Aspects with Reference to Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation. Vol. 76: 11-27.

2. Kingazi, S.P., Y.M. Ngaga and C.E. Savy, 2007. Joint Forest Management in chome Catchment Forest reserves, Tanzania: The Role of socio-economic, Ecological and Institutional Factors in Determing Sustainable Forest Conservation. Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation. Vol. 76: 1- 10. 

3. Munyanziza, E. and Y.M. Ngaga, 2007. Survey of edible mushrooms of the miombo woodlands through economic incentives in two selected villages, Iringa Tanzania. – (to be published by the Discovery and Innovations Journal Vol. 18(4): 304 -310.

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I have participated in over 30 consultancies in Forest and other Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics and Socio-economics including the following recent key assignments.


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  2. Ngaga, Y.M. The Tenure and Management of Communal Lands and Natural Woodlands in Iringa Region, Tanzania. A Case Study of  Selected Villages. Exploratory Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in Ismani  Division, Iringa. Work Sponsored by CONCERN (Iringa) and FTPP (Sweden), May 1994.
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  1. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance)  22nd  Dec. 2014 - 21st Dec. 2018.
  1. Dean (re-appointed)    1st July 2014 – 21st Dec. 2014
  1. Dean                            1st July 2011 – 30th June 2014
  1. Associate Dean,          April, 2006 – June 2011
  1. Head, Department of Forest Economics (re-appointed) July 2005 – June 2008
  2. Head, Department of Forest Economics, July 2002 – June 2005
  3. Associate Professor     July 2006 – To date
  4. Senior Lecturer            July 2000 – June 2006
  5. Lecturer                       July 1992 – June 2000
  6. Assistant Lecturer       July 1989 - June 1992
  7. Tutorial Assistant        July 1987  - June 1989



  1. Member (Ex-official), University Council, 22nd Dec. 2014 - 21st Dec. 2018.
  1. Member of University Senate, 22nd Dec. 2014 - 21st Dec. 2018..
  1. A member of the Expert Panel Developing the Tanzania Natural Resource Charter Programme Appointed by the Chief Secretary on 23rd  November 201
  1. Member of Board of Trustees for Tanzania Forest Fund, 18th May 2011 – 17th May 201
  1. Member of Advisory Board of Tanzania Forest Service (re-appointed), 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2018.
  1. Member of the Board of Mzumbe University - Mbeya Campus College, 4th February 2015 - 13st December 2017.
  1. Chairman, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Funds Allocation Commitee, 2014
  1. Chairman, SUA Tender Board, 2014 - 2017.
  1. Chairman, SUA Boundary Management Committee
  1. Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation
  1. Member, Tanzania Association of Foresters (TAF)
  1. Member, Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania (WCST)


Contact information

Department of Forest and Environmental Economics
College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism
Sokoine University of Agriculture
​​​​​​​P.O. Box 3011, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro, Tanzania

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