Communication and Marketing Department

The Department of Communication and Marketing is one of the University entities that have been established out of the ongoing restructuring of SUA whose implementation started in 2015.

33rd Graduation Ceremony held at Solomon Mahlangu Campus on 24th November ,2017

33rd Graduation Ceremony held at Solomon Mahlangu Campus on 24th November ,2017


The SUA restructuring programme resulted into establishment of various Colleges, Directorates, a School and the Communication and Marketing is one of these new offices. The aim of these changes is to decentralize activities performed by SUA to make some of the newly constructed offices semi- autonomous in decision making for smooth and effective operation of the University.

The Department is answerable to the office of the Vice Chancellor who is the Chief Executive of the University, who has final say on what should be communicated with the advice by the in-charge of the Department. The location of the department, the office of the Vice Chancellor is correct for quick dissemination of information; avoid unnecessary distortion and such other information dissemination challenges.


The Department has the following General and Specific objectives.


  • Coordinate all University matters pertaining to communication and marketing as stated in item “5”. Of the SUA Charter, 2007.
  • Assist in guiding protocol issues at various events that involve the University
  • Promote the University image inside and outside the University and the Country through provision of timely proper information.


  • Monitor media information and respond to various queries regarding the University Media we mean social, electronic, and print and others.
  • Prepare and air/ disseminate informative and educative media programmes as stipulated in item “5 section C” of the Charter. Media, means electronic, print, website and others
  • Prepare fliers, newsletters and such other publications for disseminating information.
  • Organize Press Conferences supported by Press Releases for important issues that require public awareness.   Example of such big issues is the new structure of the University and its implementation.
  • Collaborating with the Website Coordinator for updating the University Website
  • Guide people visiting the University with various intentions.
  • Organize specific visits to some secondary schools to sensitize female girls to undertake SUA degree programmes.


To be become high quality service provider in communication and marketing the        University

Support in realizing the University vision and mission goals by providing reliable and quality communication and marketing services.

Quality:    Committed to provide quality communication and marketing services to the University.

Ethics:  Staff conduct shall be regulated by ethics so as to provide high quality communication and marketing services as stipulated in the SUA Charter, University and national codes of conduct.

Efficiency:  The staff shall conduct themselves to delivery of high quality services in time and at the most cost effective manner.


Communication and Marketing Department,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P.O Box 3000

Tell No. +255232640018

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