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Monitoring and evaluation helps those involved with any type of projects to assess if the desired progress is being achieved. This creative course will help the key actors involved in project execution in the following ways
Customer service professionals/team, Marketing Managers and Supervisors, Workers who have direct contact with customers ,Office administrators, Secretaries & Receptionists ,Business owners/Business managers/Operations
This course is beneficial to CEOs, Higher education Institution administration, Managers at all levels, Human Resource Managers, Officers, Supervisors, and Operation Managers at all levels in both governmental and private organizations.
The goal of the workshop is to promote research dissemination through improving the quality of academic papers developed by postgraduate students, junior faculty members and researchers in Tanzania and Africa
The objective of the Conference is to showcase SUA’s Research and Technological Innovations towards Transformation of Lower Middle Income Countries.
This training equips employees with practical and result oriented knowledge and skills on how to understand and manage themselves and relationships with others in workplaces. Specific issues on employee self-management, vertical and horizontal workplace relations, diversity management, informal and…
These course will train participants on the two qualitative analytical techniques whiuch are thematic and content analytical techniques.The course will guide participants in each steps of qualitative data analysis
Mafunzo haya ni kwa ajili ya waajiriwa wanaokaribia Kustaafu, Waliostaafu karibuni, Vijana wanaojiandaa kustaafu baadae. Waliojiajiri na wanataka kupangilia maisha ya uzeeni, Wote walioko serikalini na walioko sekta binafsi.
Who should attend? The programme is designed to benefit individuals, students, instructors, and leaders of organisations, government, planners and the entire society in and out of Tanzania.