Report writing and related skills have permeated our study and work environments, and  have become an integral part of our performance assessment in academic and professional domains to graduate students and academic staff respectively.

Thus, academic and professional excellence in universities will certainly hinge on building capacities not only in research and publication but also in scientific writing and professional reporting generally among graduate students and the academic staff.

  1. Critical thinking in writing and textual Features (writing at university)
  2. Developing various parts of scientific texts (textual  moves)
  3. Using evidence to develop a thesis (developing argument)
  4. Critiquing literature and finding writer’s voice in writing
  5. Developing outlines, linking and chaining ideas at clause and discourse levels
  6. Planning and organising writing 
  7. Linking and chaining ideas at clause and discourse levels
  8. Employing different kinds of reasoning in an academic text

Target group 
This course is customized for Masters and PhD students and other interested parties.

This course will take three days lasting for 3 hours per day, which would allow time for participants to continue with their routine activities. The courses commences from the 18th to 20th of February 2019 from 9: to 12: 30. 

Fee structure 
The charge per person will be 110,000 per person for the entire duration and will cover for course registration, tuition, overheads (venue and technical assistance), handouts, breakfast, and refreshments

Registration (has begun)


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