Public Defense: PhD 
Candidate: Leonard Joseph Marwa

Mr. Leonard Joseph Marwa works with Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) at West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. He was enrolled as PhD student at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in June, 2014 in the Department of Animal, Aquaculture, and Range Sciences, College of Agriculture. Mr Marwa is a holder of MSc in Tropical Animal Production of SUA which he completed in 2013 and BSc Animal Science (SUA) completed in 2004. At TALIRI, Mr Marwa works in a team which is involved in upgrading the small ruminants in Tanzania.

Thesis Title: Evaluation of Improved Strategic Feeding and Confinement Practices on Performance of Local Chickens in Babati District, Tanzania

Date and Time:  12 June, 2020; 09:00 hrs

Venue: MoreMilkiT Seminar Room, Department of Animal, Aquaculture, and Range Sciences

Mode: Online (by Zoom)

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