Short Courses on Statistical Modeling from 7th to 11th  May 2018

Sokoine University of Agriculture Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (SUALISA) would like to announce to the SUA community and to the general public that it would be offering short courses on Statistical modeling from 7th May 2018 to 11th May  2018 at iAGRI building between 4pm and 6pm. You are all invited to attend.

Most researchers (PhD students, masters students and instructors),ask themselves on the mportance of modeling in statistical analysis. Why not simply doing descriptive anlysis? What is the difference between statistical modelling and descriptive analysis/other inferential tests such as chi-square? Are they suppoting each other or contradicting each other?

An expert from SUALISA would be discussing among other things, importance of statistical modeling as opposed to descriptive analysis and other inferential tests. Come for listening and/or discussing such interesting issues in the academia world.  

You will be introduced to among other things, chi-square and correlation analysis Multiple linear regression model as the stepping stone to the rest of the statistical models, binary logistic and probit models, multinomial and ordinal regression models, panel data regression and  principal component analysis.. 

The registration fee is 10,000/=Tshs, per a course. Registration would be made upon your arrival in a venue at iAGRI building. Please contact   Maria Celestine via the following address to confirm your participation and your course of interest: Email:, Mobile: 0713-301033

Who should attend?
Postgraduate students and instructors are highly encouraged to attend. You are all welcomed to attend.
How you will benefit from the course(s): Each course is a two-hour course, which will provide participants with practical skills to be able to effectively implement a real-life related problem needing statistical skills application.

Venue: The venue for all of these courses would be in iAGRI building

Courses to be taught

1) Course Title: Introduction to  Statistical modelling, Ch-square  Analysis and Correlation Analysis and Multiple            linear regression  
    Date: 07/05/2018
    Trainer: Dr.Kazuzuru  

2)  Course Title: Introduction to Binary logistic and Probit Regressions 
     Date: 08/05/2018
     Trainer: Dr.Kazuzuru    

3)  Course Title: Introduction to Ordinal  and Multnomial Regressions 
     Date: 09/05/2018  
     Trainer: Dr.Kazuzuru    

4) Course Title:Panel data regression    
     Date: 10/05/2018        

5) Course Title:Trainer  Introduction to Factor Analysis/Principal Component Analysis    
    Date: 11/05/2018 
    Trainer: Dr. Kazuzuru    


Issued by

Sokoine University of Agriculture
Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education
Department of Mathematics, Informatics  and Computational Sciences
P.O. Box 3038 Morogoro - Tanzania


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