College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism

The College of Forestry, Wildlife and Tourism mission is to provide quality education, research, outreach and consultancy services in natural resources, tourism, recreation, hospitality and related fields. The College has highly trained and competent staff in fields of forestry, wildlife and natural resources management in the country and within the sub-Saharan region.

The college consists of six academic departments and offers three undergraduate degree programs along with three masters and Doctorial degree programs. The three training forests located in olmotonyi in Arusha, Mazumbai in Tanga and kitulangaro in Morogoro Tanzania foster a one-of-kind, hands-on learning environment.

Through fields trips and hands-on learning environment. Through field trips and hands-on practical, students are challenged to apply the fundamentals of science-based education to our most pressing natural resources concerns. The forests also serve as research sites for students and staff.

Visit the following websites for more detail and Updated information related to the College of Forestry,Wildlife and Tourism.

1.College of Forestry,Wildlife and Tourism
2.Department of  Forest and Environmental Economics. 
3.Department of   Forest Engineering and Wood Sciences. 
4.Department of  Wildlife Management. 
5.Department of  Forest Resources Assessment and Management. 
6.Department of Ecosystems and Conservation. 
7.Department of Tourism and Recreation

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