3rd Conference of the Rangeland Society of Tanzania

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Rangeland Society of Tanzania

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12th - 13th March, 2018


1.    Inventory and monitoring of rangeland resources, PROF EJ MTENGETI, SUA
2.    Weeds and invasive plants, PROF KP SIBUGA, SUA
3.    Forage plant improvement and seed production technologies, DR J KIZIMA, TALIRI
4.    Legislation on grazing land use and gender issues in rangelands, DR S NINDI, MINISTRY OF LANDS
5.    Forage utilization and conservation, DR G MSALYA, SUA
6.    Principles of rehabilitation of degraded rangelands, DR I SELEMANI, SUA
7.    Natural resources conservation and livestock interface, MR P KAVANA, TAWIRI


Conference to be held at EDEMA Hotel in Morogoro, Tanzania 

Event Registration
Event Summary

The Rangeland Society of Tanzania (RST) cordially invites abstracts for the 3rd Scientific Conference to be held in Morogoro, Tanzania from 12 to 13 March, 2018Final date of receiving abstracts is 31st December 2017, Authors with ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS will be notified by 15th January 2018 and will be requested to submit FULL PAPERS up to February 2018.

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"Healthy    Rangelands    for    Sustainable    Grazing    Land Productivity"


1.Inventory and monitoring of rangeland resources
2.Weeds and invasive plants
3.Forage plant improvement and seed production technologies
4.Legislation on grazing land use and gender issues in rangelands
5.Forage utilization and conservation
5.Principles of rehabilitation of degraded rangelands

During the conference participants will be required  to  meet  their  travel  costs  and upkeep To register for the conference and manuscript submission, e-mail the technical committee:

1.G.Msalya (msalya@suanent.ac.tz
2.A. Z. Sangeda (sangedaaz@gmail.com).

Rangeland Society

Rangeland Society of Tanzania was registered in 2005 as a non-governmental organization with a core objective of bringing together scientists, professionals and stakeholders working in the fields of Range Science and Management, Livestock Science and Production, and matters related to Land use and Planning with 170 registered members.

Members are actively conducting research and outreach activities in different topics related to Rangelands Development and Sustainability including dry land management, wildlife-livestock interaction, climate change adaptation and mitigation, pasture establishment, land degradation controls, land conflict resolutions, as well as gender roles, social equity and emerging technologies in rangelands development.

Contact Information

Rangeland Society of Tanzania
P.O. Box 3004, Morogoro,Tanzania,
Tel.: +255232603511-14,
E-mail: msalya@suanet.ac.tz

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