154th Meeting of Sokoine University Of Agriculture Council

The Chairman of Sokoine University of Agriculture Council, Hon. Chief Justice (retired) Mohamed Chande Othman has attended the Council Meeting which was held on 28th March, 2019 at SUA Main Campus, Morogoro.

154th SUA Council Meeting

The Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Council Secretary, Mrs. Lunyamadzo M.Gillah (Right) welcoming Hon. Mohamed Chande Othman(retired chief Justice) when he arrived at the university main campus for a Council Meeting.

The Meeting was also attended by the University of Dar es Salaam Vice Chancellor Prof. William Anangisye and other representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and representative from Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

154th SUA Council Meeting
The Sokoine University Council Chairman Hon. Chief Justice (retired chief Justice) Mohamed Chande Othman (middle) stressing a point to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Raphael Chibunda and Deputy Council Chairperson Prof. Esther Mwaikambo is tentatively listening before Council Meeting.

This is the 154th SUA Council Meeting whereby briefings on various matters that took place from January to March 2019 presented including events that emerged at the University such as Presidential appointments, implementation of various responsibilities, research activities, consultation services, human resources issues, as well as students administration, welfare and discipline.

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