Hon. Mizengo Pinda thanks SUA for fulfilling his dream

Retired Prime Minister in the fourth phase Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Mizengo Pinda has expressed his gratitude and thanks to the entire management of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology for fulfilling his dream of establishing an Agricultural University in the regions that surround Lake Nyasa.


Hon. Mizengo Pinda

He expressed his gratitude recently in Dodoma Tanzania while speaking to SUAMEDIA Journalist on the Importance and Objectives of the presence of the University of Agriculture in the region which has been blessed with many opportunities for the production of agricultural and livestock products.

Hon. Pinda explained that while he was still in government, he had the idea to help the people of the region by establishing a university that would be responsible for providing various courses and training on Agriculture and Livestock issues but the idea could not succeed.

Hon. Pinda came up with the idea as a thank you to God and the people of the region for the various leadership positions he held in government which includes holding the position of the Prime Minister of Tanzania, himself was born and raised in the area and it is the people of those areas who helped him come to those positions of leadership of the nation

He said once he saw the dream of having a university could not come true, he decided to build a modern primary school, an idea that was supported by various development stakeholders and succeeded in raising funds to build 26 classrooms, 28 teachers' houses, computer room, Libraries, and all other modern infrastructure.

Hon. Pinda added that when he wanted to hand over the school to the people then suddenly, various ideas came from stakeholders and wanted the area to be a university due to the good infrastructure that existed and he agreed and so the first idea came to be a college to produce health professionals but did not succeed because the Ministry of Health at that time they were reviving and renovating their colleges.

"I, on the other hand, was very relieved by the idea of these buildings and infrastructure to be a University and immediately I saw the dream I had from the beginning is now coming true, then later we came to talk to Sokoine University of Agriculture management who came to see the area and agreed to establish an agricultural college. To be honest, I was extremely happy and relieved to see that we are now going to have a university in the area where I come from, " said Hon. Pinda.

He added that the Sokoine University of Agriculture told him that they are starting with 400 students this year so you can see for yourself that 400 students live in the area, the result is that when they go in search of their needs they will improve the business and economy of the people but more importantly the children from the region will be very excited and see the great importance of joining higher education at this College and will help push forward agriculture, livestock, and fisheries sectors as an efforts to eradicate poverty from the people


The Retired Prime Minister thanked the leaders of the Sokoine University of Agriculture for agreeing to establish the ‘University of Agriculture’ in the area but also the entire leadership of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology who carried the entire agenda and gave the blessings of the University to be established.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my President, His Excellency, John Pombe Magufuli for these developments because a few years ago while he was on a working visit to those areas he saw those buildings then he called me to find out what the buildings were used for, and I told him about my dream and when he heard that the Sokoine University of Agriculture was establishing a University there, He was very happy and advised to put emphasis on Agriculture, beekeeping and food production, "said Hon. Pinda.

Sokoine University of Agriculture named the campus "Mizengo pinda campus College" in honor of Hon. Mizengo pinda. The Campus has started enrolling students in this 2020/2021 academic year in three programs which are B.Sc. Bee Resources Management, Diploma in Crop Production and Management, and Certificate in Tour Guide and Hunting Operations

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