Japan to Develop Cooperation with SUA

In promoting diplomatic cooperation between Japan and Tanzania, the Ambassador of Japan in Tanzania H.E Misawa Yasushi has given 61 books containing original Japanese publications to the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) to help students, researchers, and scholars who have the opportunity to visit the country and being able to learn various things from Japanese experts.

The books have been released through the Project to Promote Japanese Culture managed by the Tokyo Foundation since 2008 with the aim of supporting research activities and promoting the understanding of experts from Japan to contribute to the development of human resources.

Japan to Develop Cooperation with SUA

Vice Chancellor of SUA Prof. Raphael Chibunda has said that the provision of these books is a continuation of the collaboration between Sokoine University of Agriculture and Japanese Institutions that was celebrated since the 70s where he explained that the books will help students and researchers to learn the culture of that country.

On his part, the Ambassador of Japan H.E Misawa Yasushi has said that Sokoine University of Agriculture is the 4th university to join the project, previously they provided to the University of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, and the Dar es Salaam University College of Education where until now they have provided 101 books throughout the country.

Director of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy Prof. Esron Karimuribo has said that there are more than 6 projects besides the Vanilla crop project in Morogoro region implemented by SUA in collaboration with various universities from Japan.

"In our collaboration between SUA and Japanese universities, we have large areas that have led to great results, one if you go to the highlands in the south of Mbinga, we have started farming in the Matengu mountains, which helped to prevent soil erosion. Also in Morogoro, the big successes are the Vanilla crops". Said Prof. Karimuribo.

The ceremony to hand over the books is a continuation of the cooperation between the SUA and the Government of Japan through various universities in Japan.

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