National Defence College Students Visits SUA

On January 17, 2020, students and instructors from the National Defence College (NDC) which is based in in Dar es Salaam, visited Sokoine University of Agriculture main campus as part of their field practical learning.

NDC visits SUA

During the visit, director of Studies from the National Defence College, Ms. Lucy Shule commended Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) for all that they do including various researches and projectsthat benefit farmers and the nation large. 

"We have chosen to come to SUA as part of our practical training, our course participants are doing lessons related to National Security and Strategies and when you talk about National Security and Strategies it is something that encompasses all sectors, although at first it seemed to be a more serious issue involving defense and security agencies alone. But if you look at the broader aspects of National security it includes economic issues and when you say economics there is agriculture, livestock, fisheries and irrigation" explained Ms. Shule.

Mr. Athumani Hussen, who is one of the students from NDC said SUA is one of the best university in agriculture which is one of the sector that contributes to the development of the nation, and that National development is one of the important factor which contributes to national security.

On the other hand, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (Administration and Finance), Prof. Yasinta Muzanila said the university was pleased to be visited by students and teachers of the National Defence College and by selecting SUA shows that they recognize and appreciate the importance of the work which is being done at the university and the quality of the training offered.

She said the visit will contribute greatly to the publicity and marketing of the Sokoine University of Agriculture in and out of Tanzania as some of the students of the National Defence College come from different countries around the world so when they return home they will speak good things about our university and many people will become aware of our university.

Prior to the conclusion of the visit, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Raphael Chibunda received various gifts from National Defence College as part of the thanks.        



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