Opening of the Chibunda cup sports tournament 2020

Once again, staff and community members of the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) are participating in the annual sports competition known as PROF. CHIBUNDA CUP aimed at improving health and enhancing good working relationships. In this year, the competition is being held from October 9 to 13, 2020 at the main Campus sports ground in Morogoro Tanzania.

Prof. Muhairwa

Deputy Vice Chancellor (administration and finance) Prof. Amandus Muhairwa speaking

Speaking at the opening of the event, on behalf of the vice chancellor, Prof. Raphael Chibunda, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (administration and finance) Prof. Amandus Muhairwa used the opportunity to encourage staff and all community members to regularly set time for sports and exercises because sports helps to bring fun, building friendship and contribute to good physical health and avoids various diseases.

"I would like to take this unique opportunity to thank and congratulate the organizers of this event, as well as all the participants for taking your time and coming here to participate, I urge you to continue with the culture of loving and participating in various sports all the time and not just during a competitions like this” said Prof. Muhairwa

Prof. Muhairwa also used the opportunity to thank the representatives of CRDB and NMB Banks for their commitment to facilitate various sports and games in the university, especially Chibunda Cup tournaments.

"I believe we could have played without your presence but we could not have played as well as we are playing now and I believe these excitements are shaped by your presence especially CRDB Bank which we have been with since the start of this tournament" said Prof. Muhairwa

Speaking on behalf of CRDB Bank, Ms. Isabela Kitila thanked Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) for continuing to trust the Bank and promised to continue to work with them shoulder to shoulder in sports at all times.

Ms. Isabela Kitila

And the NMB Bank eastern zone manager, Mr. Dismas Prosper expressed his gratitude to the leadership of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) for inviting them to be among the partners in the competitions and pledging to participate fully in various sports and games events at the university.

"And I am like what my previous colleagues said that sports brings fun and entertainments and we as NMB promise to provide enough cooperation and I wish I could see more young people participate in these games, not only as a part of building friendship and brotherhood but sports is also a job that employs a large number of people, especially young people ”

Mr. Dismas Prosper

Giving a word of thanks, SUA's Director of Planning and Development, Dr. Ibrahim Mjema, thanked the official guest for taking the time to participate in the opening despite having many responsibilities.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the other invited guests including CRDB Bank and NMB Bank as well as the principals of various colleges as this event is for all of us, so we should participate fully and enjoy together"

Meanwhile the Head of Sports and Games Department, Mr. Masoud Gumbwa has made it clear that the tournament which includes various sports including football, Netball, basketball, volleyball, pulling the ropes and many more is part of the preparations for the SHIMUTA tournament which is expected to take place in early November, 2020 in Tanga. 


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