Results of grape varieties trial at the SUA model training farm

Sokoine University of agriculture has established a Model Training Farm in order to increase the diversity of quality teaching, research, field hands on exercises and outreach, and make coordinated efforts in managing crops and animal training.

SUA model training farm

Grapes Plot at the SUA model training farm

The main objective of establishing the farm is to produce quality graduates with adequate hands-on skills for employment in the labor markets.  The Farm offers practical training to undergraduate and postgraduate students, Incubate new technologies generated by the University, Provide state of the art field research and consultancy facility for students, staff and the general public and to demonstrate proven agricultural technologies to general public.

The development of Model Training Farm is deeply rooted in Mwalimu JK Nyerere’s speech that he gave on 26th September 1984, during inauguration of SUA, he said and we quote

“Thus, the main objective of this University is not abstract research, or the training of academics who can write learned treatises’. Certainly we hope that it will do those things, for we expect and we demand from both staff and students – rigorous scholarship and scientific research. But they are not what the University will be judged by during the next twenty years or more.”

The farm which is located at the main campus and managed by the College of Agriculture, grows various crops including passion fruit, grapes, papaya, pineapple, Tea, Coffee, Sisal, and Sugarcane. We are now seeing the results of grape varieties trial at the model farm, Have a look!

Passion Fruit and Grapes Plots



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