SUA Expands Horizons in Creating Appropriate Innovations and Technologies in Tanzania

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has once again, as always produced surprises of creating innovations and technologies that matter to Tanzanians and other stakeholders as a whole. Most of the new innovations and technologies come to the knowledge of the public through various forms of outreach activities including displays during agricultural exhibitions. 


Hon. Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba - the Chancellor of SUA listening to Miss Mary Marcel - SUA Lecturer from the Department of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences at the College of Agriculture as she explains about furniture constructed from used car tyres, and door mats handcrafted from used flour bags

This article intends to document emerging new innovations and technologies at SUA that matter to the society. In this article, the concept of innovations is used broadly to refer to new- novel things including knowledge (ideas) whereas technologies is used to denote new-novel tangible things.

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