Welcoming new students to Sokoine University of Agriculture

Friday, 8th November 2019, at the Nelson Mandela Freedom Square Hall in the Solomon Mahlangu Campus, Mazimbu, Morogoro, was a special day to welcome all new students selected to study at Sokoine University of Agriculture in the academic year 2019/2020.

Welcome freshers

Speaking during the event on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (academic), Professor Peter Gillah urged all new students to be attentive, respectful and be more focused on their studies.

Prof Gillah

Prof. Gillah made an assurance to students that through SUA, they will have an opportunity to get the high quality education which includes theory studies and a variety of practical training in the fields, labs and workshops available at SUA.

"You have come at a time when the University has made a significant change in its practical training approach compared to before, you will be more involved in practical training in labs, fields and workshops that the university has improved" said Prof. Gillah

On his side, Dean of students, Mr. Pule Motshabi congratulated all students for choosing to pursue their higher studies at Sokoine University of Agriculture and he also assured them that they will gain important skills that will help them in their future. He urged them to be careful to not be involved in any kind of dangerous environment and behaviors that will contribute to lose their dreams and future life such as looting, robbery, prostitution and the likes.


Another speaker was the head of the SUA Police Station, Inspector Bertha Matiku who also used the opportunity to assure the students and all members of SUA community that they will be safe and peacefully while they are in university compounds and she also requested them to cooperate with the police station by reporting various information related to crime in their surrounding environment.
SUA police

The colorful event was attended by various guests including students, principals, head of colleges, centres, directorates, departments and other representatives from various Public and Private Institutions.



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