World Food Day Commemoration Conference: SUA to cooperate with farmers to make agro ecology sustainable

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) continues to work with farmers and other agricultural stakeholders in ensuring Agro ecology is sustainable as it is productive and environmentally friendly.

Prof Muhairwa

Prof. Amandus Muhairwa

This was stated by the deputy vice chancellor (administration and finance), Prof. Amandus Muhairwa on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raphael Chibunda while opening the world food day commemoration conference which took place on Friday, October 16, 2020 at the Edward Moringe Campus (formerly known as the main campus) in Morogoro.

He said that Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) is making various efforts to ensure that agro ecology approach knowledge reaches Tanzanians, especially farmers, to avoid various challenges caused by traditional farming that has largely contributed to environmental degradation.

" ensuring agro ecology is sustainable, the university has established a PhD degree program in agro ecology in order to produce experts who will develop and advance this type of agriculture" said Prof. Muhairwa

Earlier speaking at the event, Cecile Frobert who is the representative of the French Embassy in Tanzania, said France and other agricultural stakeholders are continuing its efforts to develop agro ecology which helps to make agriculture sustainable while calling for an end to farming practises that contribute to environmental degradations.

Cecile Frobert

For her part, Jasmien De Winne, a representative of the Belgian Embassy in Tanzania, said the country's priorities were to conduct sustainable agricultural activities aimed at improving the lives of the people and urged agricultural stakeholders in Tanzania to learn to develop agriculture that will not only harm the environment but benefit the current  and next generation.

Jasmien De Winne

Speaking about the conference, the Coordinator of Agroecology Hub in Tanzania (AEHT) who is also the Director of the Institute for Continuing Education (ICE) - SUA Prof. Dismas Mwaseba said for some time now the university has been conducting research aimed at enabling farmers to get more products without damaging the environment and the only way to achieve that is by embracing agro ecology approach.

Prof. Dismas Mwaseba

For their part, some of the farmers who participated in the conference, including Msakuzi Idd and Bahati Swalehe from Mbuyuni ward, Kibwaya village in rural Morogoro, said that since they started using the agro ecology approach they have been able to reduce agricultural costs and thus make more profit.

Closing the conference on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (academics) Prof. Maulid Mwatawala, Prof. Samwel Kabote thanked all those who attended the conference and most of all he thanked all the speakers and said that it has been an interesting and educational conference and he believes everyone who attended the conference is satisfied with the Education provided.

The one-day event, involved stakeholders from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Sustainable Agriculture in Tanzania (SAT), RECODA, Farmers, Students and other groups. The theme of the event was "Agroecology as a pathway towards sustainable food systems"

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