Rural-Urban Transformation (RUT): Governance, Mobility, and Economic Dynamics, in Emerging urban Centers for Poverty reduction

Project Summary

The overall objective of the project is to provide a comprehensive understanding of development dynamics of EUCs in Tanzania and explore how these impacts on the physical and socio- economic transformation of EUCs into urban townships.

Central to the research is to understand governance practices and challenges of these fast growing urban areas characterized by complex in-and out migration and rapid changing economic processes.

Immediate objectives

  • To analyse how the forms and roles of institutions (formal and informal) have developed in support of the transformation
  • To identify how governance practices (public and private) in relation to land, water and waste management have developed in support of the transformation.
  • To identify how the rural-urban connectivity influence markets, business networks and employment creation in the EUC.
  • To identify livelihoods and the role of mobility practices in the EUC
  • To develop human resource capacity to research on development dynamics of EUCs
Hosting Unit
School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies
Hosting Department
Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Project Leader
Prof. Evelyne Lazaro
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Contact information

​​​​​​​Dr. Evelyne Lazaro

School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS)
Sokoine University of Agriculture
P.O.Box 3007, CHUO KIKUU