Programmes Offered at SUA

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) offer various Courses and Programmes that lead to Certificate,Diploma,Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and PhD qualifications. This can be a ticket to a successful life and career. SUA is recognized across the country and beyond for the quality of our teaching and student experience in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Forest and Tourism and more. Explorer all Programmes as listed below;

The graduates are scientists and managers able to use scientific facts in the context of social and economic, and ethics to determine an appropriate environmental  action to achieve… Read more

This programme gives Advance Mathematics major a career in information technology and applications. Graduates are experts in programming, web development, database design, interface design,… Read more

The main aim of the program is to produce graduates with knowledge and professional education skills in Science and Mathematics that will enable them teach science… Read more

Graduate of this programme are qualified teachers in secondary schools, education institutions, and agriculture related colleges with expertise in agriculture science and biology with pedagogical… Read more

The programme produce qualified teachers in chemistry and mathematics in secondary education and education institutions. Graduate from this programme are skillful in teaching methods to make… Read more

The program produce qualified science teachers in secondary education and education institutions in chemistry and biology with skills, psychology and  pedagogy to make science easy, likable,… Read more

Teachers from this programme are  professional  competent to make these science subject interesting and easy to understand for secondary education. Our teachers will take science subjects to… Read more

The programme produce qualified professional teachers in geography and Mathematics in secondary education and education institutions. The graduates have skills and techniques in teaching methods… Read more

Become professional and competent teachers in  Geography and Mathematics in secondary education and education institutions through this programme. These graduate are managers, administrators… Read more

The programme produce professionally competent teachers in Computing, Information Technology, and Mathematics in secondary education and education institutions. These graduates are able to… Read more

The programme is a hub for teachers that can make sense of numbers, theories and principles of math and physics to understand and solve practical problems in the society. These teachers will teach… Read more

The programme intends to produce educators with an in-depth understanding of curriculum matters, strong pedagogical content knowledge and sound professional skills to the ever-changing educational… Read more

The environment supports life, and is an engine for socio-economic development given the requisite science and technologies. However, some of the current technological developments in Tanzania and… Read more

Groundwater is an important resource for food security, human health and ecosystems. It thus forms an important ingredient for economic and social prosperity of humankind through water supply for… Read more

The programme is aimed to provide the broad training requisite for general graduates who wish to take up teaching as a career, to get professional training in education… Read more