Short course on “ Entrepreneurship Cum Retirement plan skills” (27th February to 3rd March, 2023)

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The Topics to be Covered:

  - Development of creativity and understanding of innovations.
  - Optimum strategies for creativity and longevity
  - Initiating and managing new venture growth.
  - Feasibility analysis & Entrepreneurial planning.
  - Business plan concept and Writing.
  - Customer retention skills
  - Sales drivers
  - Investment in stock markets (Masoko ya hisa),
  - Treasury- bills (Hati fungani), and Treasury-bonds (Hati dhamana)
  - Investment in U-TT.
  - Financial literacy
  - Sustainable Self Developed Projects
  - Passive Projects
  - Agribusiness

For More Details Open: Entrepreneurship cum Retirement plan skills -2023.pdf


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